Assistant DA Explains Bentley Verdict 

By William Woolever

MILLEDGEVILLE  — Former Milledgeville Mayor Richard Bentley pleaded guilty Friday to 12 counts of insurance fraud, but he will not go to prison. Bentley agreed to a plea deal that grants him 10 years of probation and requires him to pay more than $52,000, including $33,000 in restitution to his victims and more than $20,000 in fines and fees. Bentley, who ran an insurance business in Milledgeville, resigned in February citing health and business problems, but he was charged with multiple insurance fraud counts in April.
Skye Gess, Assistant District Attorney for the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit Court, explained the plea bargain to reporters outside the courtroom in Milledgeville.
Tune in to the first edition of GC360 this semester on Oct. 1 to see the full story!

Assistant DA Details Bentley Plea Bargain Deal


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