Haiku Deathmatch

Have you ever heard of a Haiku Deathmatch? On Wednesday, April 22nd, three contestants competed in one of these unique matches at Blackbird Coffee.  GC 360 reporter Dallas Yeatts has the story.


Trivia at Amici

Every Monday night, GC’s Student Government Association hosts a trivia night at Amici in downtown Milledgeville.  Watch to see the fun they have – GC 360 reporter Alex Mayson has the story.

The Peacock’s Feet

Every year, a journal called “The Peacock’s Feet” is published at Georgia College, featuring literary and artistic works by students.  Keep an eye out for the reception this week when this year’s journal will be presented! GC 360 reporter Alex Mayson has the story.

Artsy Bobcat

Earlier in the semester, GC grad student Kelly Self won a contest that allowed her art to be featured on Georgia College apparel, and the design was definitely success.  GC 360 reporter Alex Mayson has the story.

Milledgeville Graffiti

Depending on who is talking, graffiti could be defined as art, vandalism or both.  GC 360 reporter asked some people around Milledgeville, including Major John Davis from the Milledgeville Police Dept, what they thought.  Let us know what you think in the comments: Art, Vandalism or Both?