GC360 Talent Tryouts


GC360 wants to Invite YOU!

GC360 wants to invite ALL GCSU students- no matter the major, to come out to our TALENT TRYOUTS! If you’ve ever wanted to be on screen or even just help out behind the scenes, this IS for YOU! If you’ve ever considered being a news anchor, weather specialist, sports announcer, entertainment reporter or anything involving the film industry, this is for you. Experience? Not needed!!! We want to help you discover your passion!

So come out this Thursday Feb. 8th to Atkinson’s 4th floor TV studio at 3:30pm! We look forward to seeing you all!




There will be a special election for Milledgeville Mayor in June.  As we have been following this unfolding story of City Turmoil in Milledgeville since the beginning of the semester, we will be holding a live debate between the three candidates on May 5, 2015 at 4pm.  Watch the debate LIVE on Channel 180 (Charter) or watch later on this website!

We will have the following Mayoral Candidates on air for a live debate: Melba Burrell, Floyd L. Griffin and Gary L. Thrower. This is an event you don’t want to miss!

**UPDATE: We are asking the public to submit questions to ask the mayoral candidates during the debate on May 5th. Please submit your questions to gc360news@gmail.com, or leave them in a comment on this post.

Let us know you’ll be watching: https://www.facebook.com/events/389625801230278/

Food Desert

There is an area just south of Milledgeville that is classified as an “urban food desert,” where at least 20% of households are under the poverty line and at least a third are more than a mile away from the nearest grocery store.  GC 360 reporter Jesper Hagel interviewed some of those affected by the “food desert.”